Shtyhet festivali “Unum”


Një muaj më parë, treguan se përgatitjet po vazhdojnë për edicionin e këtij viti të festivalit “Unum”.

Mirëpo, beteja e cila po vazhdon me Covid-19 ka bërë edicioni i këtij i viti të anulohet.

Unum do të rikthehet me 3 qershor 2021 në Shëngjin, teksa paratë e biletave do t’iu kthehen ose mund të përdoren për vitin e ardhshëm.

Këtë deklaratë e bën vetë organizatorët në llogarinë e tyre në rrjetet sociale./

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UNUM FESTIVAL 2020 – OFFICIAL STATEMENT Driven by the greatest feedback, unimaginable support and purest love we received from you after the first edition of UNUM Festival, we have been working tirelessly year-round for the second edition – UNUM 2020. Everything pointed to a wondrous start of the summer season, until everything halted so abruptly. With a very sad heart we write this announcement. We have decided to officially cancel UNUM 2020 – foreseen to take place this summer – due to the COVID-19 pandemic. After the restrictions issued by the Albanian Government, and by closely monitoring the evolving situation around the globe, it is only right that we cancel UNUM 2020. Apart from the health issues that would arise from the gathering of thousands, the whole process of preparation would have been both logistically impossible and morally wrong for the entire team. We were looking forward to bringing you an otherworldly second edition, since the first one was nothing short of amazing, and motivating to us. With this in mind, we are already planning ahead for next year. UNUM Festival is coming back in the summer of 2021, from June 3 to June 7. All ticket holders are eligible for a refund at the point of purchase. Buyers have a chance to transfer their booking to the UNUM 2021 edition. The crew will inform you via email about both refund and transfer details, soon. The times are hard, but we promise you that our spirit to BECOME ONE will never bow down to any virus or other-worldly force. This too shall pass, and we will see each other again under the pines, by the beach, or the main dance floor. Until then, please follow the rules of your respective governments and stay inside. Blast the music in your rooms, the virus got nothing on sound after all. Love, UNUM Festival Team

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