Enur Pakashtica, celebrating 7 years


Pakashtica has hosted over 1500 episodes for the TV show WAZZUP that aired for the first time on 10th November 2014 and would be broadcasted from 4 pm to 5 pm every working day of the week.

When Pakashtica was in New York for a concert with “World Peace Orchestra”, he had to give an interview to Klan Kosova Television. As the interview came to an end, the director asked Pakashtica to host an entertainment show that would involve new and upcoming music artists.

Pakashtica took up the offer, and WAZZUP was created that covered youth and new music. After working nonstop for three years, Pakashtica was promoted and given a new author position for the WAZZUP TV show in the company.

As Pakashtica was hosting, he watched shows that James Corden hosted by closely analyzing his ability to control his speech and emotions. During his time with WAZZUP, Pakashtica was responsible for covering the one-hour broadcasting time and producing creative work to keep audiences hooked. Pakashtica has interviewed famous singers and personalities, including Rihanna’s father, Donald Fenty, and covered Dua Lipa’s festival “Sunny Hill Festival” in Prishtina.

Pakashtica has presented a quiz for children with the name of ChampionQuiz for two seasons while on WAZZUP and has hosted shows named “Summer Zone” and “Ora E Mbremjes” for one season each.

Now he is celebrating his 7th year on WAZZUP TV SHOW and who knows how many other years he is going to celebrate showed on his official Twitter account.

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